Root Canal Therapy in Houston, TX

root canals houston txA root canal can save your tooth.

At Bear Creek Dentistry, we know that most patients don’t like the idea of root canal therapy because they are afraid it might hurt, but you will be happy to know that root canals actually reduce inflammation and pain.

When You Need Root Canal Treatment in 77084

What is a root canal, anyway? Your tooth consists of several layers, starting with the hard external enamel that protects your tooth. Enamel is strong but not invincible. Decay, trauma, teeth grinding, and wear can all cause damage to your enamel. This leaves the softer dentin of your tooth exposed.

Your dentin is the next layer beneath your enamel. It is softer in consistency and more susceptible to damage without your protective enamel. 

Finally, the area that is surrounded by dentin is the root canal of your tooth. It houses your nerve and protects it. The nerve is the center of your tooth. When that inner canal becomes infected, it can cause inflammation and a significant amount of pain. This sometimes occurs due to deep decay or trauma, but other times we don’t know why it becomes infected.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

Comfort is a big priority in our Houston, TX dental office. We will always make sure that you are numb so you do not feel a thing.

In order to eliminate infection and relieve your pain, we will need to clean out the bacteria inside your tooth. Our dentists will make a small point of access to place special precision cleaning tools inside your root canal. We use these tools to remove diseased tissue, the nerve, and any bacteria before we place medication to assist with healing.

We will cover your tooth with a temporary restoration and allow time for your body’s natural healing ability to finish the job.

root canal treatment houston txAfter Root Canal Treatment

It is common to feel some sensitivity as your tooth heals, but it should subside within a few days. You can manage the discomfort with over-the-counter products. We will discuss which one will work best for you.
We will schedule a follow-up appointment to check the healing of your tooth. Also, we will place a permanent restoration once healing completes. Most times, a dental crown is the best option as it provides the stability your tooth will need to stay healthy. Root canals can weaken a tooth, and having the proper restoration is essential.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

Contact our Houston dental office right away to schedule an appointment. Time is of the essence when treating a troubled tooth. Pain from an infection in your tooth will likely worsen as the infection worsens and will probably not get better on its own. We can help you feel better and often treat dental emergencies on the same day.