Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, TX

pediatric dentist houston | infant dental care houstonBecause of the close link between your dental health and your overall health, it's increasingly important that families get the dental care they need. As a parent, you want the best dental care for your child, and we understand that life gets hectic, and it's much more convenient when each member of the family can receive their care at one dental office. Your team at Bear Creek Dentistry & Orthodontics is well-equipped to provide comprehensive dental services for your entire family.

Children are an important part of our dental family. We love creating healthy foundations for kids' smiles and making their early dental experiences positive, educational, and interactive so they develop lifelong skills to keep their smiles looking and feeling great. If it's time for your son or daughter's first dental appointment, we encourage you to call your children's dentist in Houston today at (832) 427-5505 to schedule.

When should my child have their first dental appointment?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that your child have their first dental appointment by their first birthday when they have some of their baby teeth.

While it may seem early for a dental appointment, your child’s oral health development begins before birth, and by the time they have their first teeth, it is a good time for us to make sure that everything is on track for a happy smile.

Our dentists will perform a dental exam and make sure your child’s teeth are coming in correctly and spend time with you to discuss the best way to take care of your child’s teeth at home. You will play an essential role in your child's dental care routine at home, and we're you're partners if you should have questions or concerns.

Our team will go over how to brush and floss your child’s teeth, how to support good oral health with a nutritious diet, and what to expect in the coming months and years as your child grows rapidly!

Why are baby teeth so important?

infant dental care | houston, tx | bear creek dentistryParents often wonder why baby teeth are so important if they're going to fall out in the near future. Believe it or not, baby teeth have a few essential jobs to complete before they leave, such as:

  • Helping your son or daughter learn to eat solid foods
  • Holding space for and guiding adult teeth into place
  • Helping your little one to start forming their first words

If baby teeth are lost too soon, it can impact your child's oral development.

How can I prepare my child for their first dental visit?

First visits to the dentist are essential in helping children feel confident about their dental health. There are a few steps you can take to ensure your child has a positive experience when they first visit their Houston children's dentist.

  • Be encouraging. Talk about visiting the dentist in a positive and upbeat way even if you have your own fears or anxiety about it.
  • Make it enjoyable. Use books or coloring pages to introduce your little one to the idea of visiting the dentist and explain what will happen during their appointment.
  • Lead by example. Let your son or daughter watch you brush your teeth, and bring them to your own dental visits so they can get used to visiting the dentist.

What can I do to protect my child's teeth from cavities?

As your child grows, we will include more preventive dental treatments, as needed. Diagnostic dental x-rays, professional dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants are some of the ways we can protect your child’s teeth from common dental conditions, such as decay.

We recommend preventive treatments based on the needs of your child. We value a partnership with parents that helps kids develop lifelong healthy smiles.

What kind of restorative services do you offer for children in Houston?

Dental decay is one of the most common health diseases in childhood. Chances are that even with the best home care routine, your child may face the need for a filling at some point. When they do, we are here to help.

We strive to diagnose dental conditions in their early stages while they are still small. One of the ways we can do this is with digital dental x-rays. Because they are high in resolution, our dentists can see decay when it is very small and easy to treat.

When we have to place a filling, we always make sure your son or daughter is comfortable for their procedure. Some fillings require anesthetic while others do not. We will always discuss this with you, so you and your child will understand exactly what will happen during their procedure.

Our dentists use tooth-colored fillings to protect the appearance as well as the health of your child’s teeth. Tooth-colored fillings are much more conservative than amalgam fillings and do not leave a mark on your little one’s smile.

Your child can eat after a composite filling, but if they received anesthetic, please be cautious for a couple of hours after treatment as they will not have a strong sense of temperature or their teeth and could hurt themselves.

When should my child be evaluated for braces?

At Bear Creek Dentistry & Orthodontics, Dr. Le offers comprehensive orthodontic treatment to both adults and children. Dr. Le will monitor your child's oral development over the pediatric dentistry at bear creek dentistry & orthodontics | houston, txyears and recommend orthodontic treatment at the appropriate time if it's necessary.

The first orthodontic evaluation typically takes place around the age of seven. Some children may benefit from a phased orthodontic treatment that begins early to take advantage of growth to make space for crowded teeth. For children who need it, phased orthodontics can help to prevent more significant problems that are harder to treat in the future.

If phased orthodontics is not needed, most children who require braces will typically have them around the age of 11 or 12. Dr. Le can manage your son or daughter's orthodontic treatment from start to finish at Bear Creek Dentistry, which makes it easy to monitor their oral health and hygiene throughout their treatment.

Do you have appointments that fit my family's schedule?

We understand that families are busy with schedules that are filled with school and extracurricular activities. Your Houston dentist makes it easy to fit dentistry and orthodontic appointments into your schedule with morning, early evening, and Saturday appointments. We're here for you when you need us most.

It's time to schedule my child's first appointment. How can I get started in Houston?

Our Bear Creek Dentistry team looks forward to welcoming you and your entire family to our Houston, TX dental office. Whether it's time for your son or daughter's next appointment or very first dental visit, please call us at (832) 427-5505 to find a convenient appointment time for your schedule.