Free New Patient Whitening in Houston

teeth whitening houston txAre you a new patient and have a cavity free smile? When you make a decision to take great care of your teeth by joining our dental practice in Houston, TX, we want to reward you with something that everyone appreciates – a bright, white smile! 

Why Whiten?

Teeth become stained due to lifestyle choices such as tobacco use, coffee drinking, and tea. What many people don’t know is that stained teeth are a natural part of aging because they absorb the colors from the foods we eat.

Stained teeth, however, can make your smile appear dark and might make you look older than you really are. Your level of staining depends upon your diet, home oral health habits, and how often you have professional dental cleanings. We can recommend a teeth whitening system that will brighten your teeth in just a couple of weeks.

Having a bright smile you feel proud of can change everything. It gives you confidence in the way you look and allows you to make a great first impression with everyone you meet. Nothing is more beautiful than a genuine smile. Many people say it is one of the first things they notice about people. 

Free Teeth Whitening with Dental Exam, Cleaning, and X-Rays

When you come to our office for a comprehensive dental exam, professional dental cleanings, and diagnostic x-rays, we will include a free take-home teeth whitening system as a thank you. New patients who are cavity free can take advantage of this offer!

We will take impressions of your teeth to create your custom teeth whitening trays. Our dentists will recommend the professional strength whitening gel that will work best for you. You can use your whitening trays at home and wear them for a few hours each day – or every other day – until you achieve your desired results.

Once you have the level of whiteness that feels good to you, you can retain your custom whitening trays for future touch-ups. Depending on your lifestyle needs, you could whiten your teeth every couple of months or just a couple of times per year to keep them looking their best.

Teeth Whitening | Bear Creek Dentistry | Houston, tXTo Maintain the Whitest Smile

In order to maintain a bright, white smile, taking care of your teeth is important! Be sure to schedule regular dental cleaning appointments and keep up your home care. If you need more whitening gel, we can provide that for you because we sell it in our office.

Our patients find our free teeth whitening system a valuable part of their experience in our office. It motivates them to take excellent care of their teeth and gives them a greater level of confidence. We think you will feel the same way!

To Learn More about Teeth Whitening, Give Our Houston Office a Call!

We look forward to welcoming you to Bear Creek Dentistry. Contact our Houston, TX dental office to learn more about how professional teeth whitening, high-quality dentistry, and personalized care can benefit you.