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What should I know about root canals?

Root canal treatment diagramWhy Are Root Canals Needed?

This is a very common question and an informative place to start learning about root canals. Many different things can cause the need for root canals, the most common ones are trauma, cracks, large cavities, and infections. 

What Is a Root Canal?

Dental professionals use the term “root canal” as it refers to narrow passageways that form between your pulp chamber to your tooth roots. Often root canals are needed to save an infected tooth, and emergency root canals treat the pain and discomfort that often herald their coming. 

Why Is a Root Canal Necessary?

Our teeth our simultaneously hard and fragile, they are tough enough to crack open shells and tear through meat, but without good oral hygiene and proper care, they are susceptible to inflammation and infection. 

If your pulp chamber (the hollow part of your tooth) becomes infected, your Houston dentist will need to remove the infected pulp to save the tooth and prevent the infection from spreading. 

Do I Have to Get a Root Canal?

Your other alternative to stopping the infection from spreading, and to end the pain, is to have the entire tooth extracted. At Bear Creek Dentistry, we always try to save the tooth if it is a possibility. Root canal treatments are a routine procedure at our Houston dental office, and the success rate is very high.

Saving your tooth allows you to avoid problems that can occur after a tooth is extracted, such as teeth shifting position, difficulty biting down, and loss of jawbone. 

Will There Be Pain During My Tooth Canal?

The myth of a painful root canal is just that, a myth. Root canals actually relieve the pain and pressure that brings patients in for emergency root canals. The actual procedure is no more painful than getting a filling. 

Call Our Houston Office If You Need a Root Canal

At Bear Creek Dentistry, we understand how frightening the thought of a root canal can be, but we are here to make the process gentle and comfortable. If you are suffering from tooth pain, we may be able to save your tooth. 

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