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New Techniques for Root Canals, a Study

June 30, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Bryan Le
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One of the challenges of root canal treatment is that the removal of the nerve and blood supply causes the teeth to become brittle. A new technique makes it possible to regenerate blood vessels to keep teeth from becoming unstable and more susceptible to fractures and cracks.

While this new therapy is still in the development phase, you can count on effective and comfortable root canal therapy in our Houston, TX dental office. We use modern rotary instruments for more efficient root canals with higher success rates.

Rotary instruments are more precise than their older counterparts.

Nervous about Root Canal Treatment?

Many patients come to us in pain and feel nervous about having treatment to eliminate the infection and save the tooth. You actually shouldn’t feel pain during your root canal. Once our dentists anesthetize the tooth, you will feel much better. 

While it is normal for some sensitivity to remain immediately following a root canal, you should feel better each day. You can reduce discomfort by taking an anti-inflammatory medication before the numbness in your tooth wears off and as directed on the label or by your doctor. Pain is often more manageable when you take a proactive approach rather than waiting until it becomes severe.

Until the latest techniques for root canal therapy are more widely available, your dentist will usually protect your root canal tooth with a durable, tooth-colored dental crown. Your crown will act as an extra layer of enamel, holding the tooth structure securely and absorbing the pressure from eating.

We hope you will see root canal treatment as the tooth-saving procedure that it is. If you notice swelling or have a toothache, we invite you to call Bear Creek Dentistry & Orthodontics, located in Houston, TX, where we can determine if root canal treatment will save your tooth.

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