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3 Reasons Why Dentists Are Concerned about the DIY Braces Trend

September 30, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Bryan Le
orthodontics houston tx | addressing the DIY braces trend

Everyone seems to believe they can be experts in just about anything these days, as long as they watch a few YouTube videos and follow some simple instructions. When it comes to dentistry, however, it’s best to leave your smile in the hands of a professional.

The DIY braces trend is alarming, and our team would like to share a few reasons why it’s best to trust your orthodontics to your Houston, TX dentist.

#1 You Can Damage Your Teeth or Gums

DIY orthodontics incorporates regular, everyday household items such as aluminum foil and paperclips to move teeth. Because many of the materials used in these DIY braces are hard and abrasive, serious damage to the enamel and sensitive gum tissue are basically unavoidable.

Brackets, wires, and aligners used in orthodontic treatment are designed for use on teeth and applied by a professional. Not so when it comes to DIY braces.

#2 You Can Ruin Your Bite

Moving teeth is a science, and the outcome needs to take the bite into account. DIY braces do not have the benefit of evaluation by an experienced orthodontist. Teeth can come together incorrectly, which results in pain, sensitivity, and uneven wear.

If the bite does not come together correctly, jaw problems and tooth loss are real possibilities.

#3 Correcting the Problem Is More Costly

If teeth move too quickly or incorrectly, the underlying bone can shrink away, destabilizing the entire dental structure and causing tooth loss or shortened roots.

Replacing missing teeth and correcting incorrect orthodontics is certain to cost more than simply doing things right the first time. 

In addition to dental school, orthodontists also go through years of additional training and education to learn how to move teeth safely. For more information about orthodontics in Houston, TX, contact Bear Creek Dentistry & Orthodontics today!

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