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Does Orthodontic Treatment Cause TMJ?

May 30, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Fatemeh Mohandes
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Many patients wonder if altering their bites will cause TMJ disorders or pain. Modern orthodontic treatment in our Houston, TX dental office accounts for the ideal occlusion (bite) of your teeth, ultimately resulting in better function of the entire dental system – including the jaws.

If you have jaw joint pain or notice clicking and popping, we invite you to come in for an evaluation. We offer solutions to reduce the symptoms of jaw joint disorders including pain swelling, and headaches.

Straight Teeth Are Healthier

Misaligned teeth develop decay more often and are harder to keep clean. By correcting uneven spacing and overlapping teeth, your home hygiene will be far more beneficial.

Addressing misalignment also reduces teeth clenching and grinding, called bruxism. High points on the teeth or dental restorations can cause you to overwork the jaws during sleep as your jaw tries to seat comfortably.

Comprehensive Orthodontics

When planning orthodontic treatment for patients in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas, our dentists ensure optimum results by accounting for every aspect of your final treatment.

  • Your face shape and profile
  • Bite comfort and function
  • Straight, attractive alignment
  • Ideal jaw function

Wearing your retainer is an essential step in your orthodontic treatment and will keep your bite from shifting. 

Final Evaluation

The beginning of orthodontics and braces addresses the big movements teeth need to make. Closing gaps, arranging spacing, and correcting overbite or underbite issues will be a part of the initial phase.

Toward the end of your treatment plan, we will fine-tune the final alignment of your teeth ensuring that teeth come together comfortably. If necessary, we can remove high spots from teeth or dental restorations to allow the jaw joints to function comfortably.

Are You Ready for a Straight Smile?

Our experienced dentists and orthodontists will help you achieve your goals for your smile. Call us today!

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