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3 Oral Health Myths That You Might Have Fallen For

July 30, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Joseph Z. Varga
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Knowing what is fact and fiction when it comes to your oral health is essential. Your general dentist in the Houston, TX area will be able to demystify some of the fake news about your teeth and oral health that you might read about online.

Myth #1: Brush Your Teeth Immediately Following Each Meal

Fact: Wait 30 Minutes

If you eat sugary or acidic foods, they can soften the enamel. When you brush your teeth without allowing the pH of your mouth to return to normal, brushing can have a detrimental effect on the teeth by causing premature erosion. Instead, try rinsing your mouth with water to carry away food residue. Then wait 30 minutes to brush your teeth.

Myth #2: Fruit Juice Is Always a Healthier Option

Fact: Fruit Juice Contains Sugar and Acid, Which Both Cause Decay

Fruit juice seems like a healthy alternative to soda, but can be just as bad for teeth as soft drinks and energy drinks. Plain water is best for teeth and helps to keep saliva production up. Saliva is the body’s natural teeth cleaning mechanism, and it restores the body’s pH to normal levels after eating.

When sugary or acidic drinks are consumed over time, you could be exposing your teeth to high acid levels over an extended period, making them even worse than candy or sweets.

Myth #3 Rinse Your Mouth after Brushing Your Teeth

Fact: Leave the Benefits of Fluoride on Your Teeth

When you finish brushing your teeth, it can be tempting to brush away the residue left behind by the toothpaste you use. In actuality, fluoride has greater benefits when left on your teeth. Do not rinse your teeth immediately following teeth brushing, especially at bedtime when fluoride can have the biggest benefit.

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