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The Importance of a Great Dental Environment

November 21, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Fatemeh Mohandes
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Have you ever walked into a dental office or medical office and felt like you were invisible? Or maybe the first question someone asked was “What is your date of birth?” Or, “Do you have insurance?” At Bear Creek Dentistry & Orthodontics, we will never treat you like a commodity. We know and appreciate our patients and greet them with a smile upon arrival at our office.

Not only that, but we believe your dental appointment should be relaxed and comfortable. We want you to experience anxiety-free dentistry while you are with us. Our team has been hand-selected not only because of their outstanding skills in dentistry, but also because of their love of people and ability to connect with our patients.

Our office is comfortable, too. We have a laid back atmosphere that features the latest technology, making your dentistry more accurate and comfortable than ever. We can show you exactly what we see using high-resolution intraoral cameras. That way, you can fully understand your conditions and your treatment.

Our modern office is always laid-back and fun. Our team loves to hear about our patients’ growing families and accomplishments. Having a great dental office environment can make getting the dental care you need to stay healthy comfortable and even enjoyable. You are always our number one priority because we truly care.

Naturally, we follow the strictest guidelines of cleanliness and sterilization for your safety. Our team takes updated courses each year about how to keep our office sterilized and a safe place for dentistry. We exceed all expectations from OSHA because you are worth it!

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If you have just moved to our community or if you just want a new dental home where you feel great about the care you receive, contact Bear Creek Dentistry & Orthodontics. We currently welcome patients of all ages.

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