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New Techniques for Root Canals, a Study

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One of the challenges of root canal treatment is that the removal of the nerve and blood supply causes the teeth to become brittle. A new technique makes it possible to regenerate blood vessels to keep teeth from becoming unstable and more susceptible to fractures and cracks.

While this new therapy is still in the development phase, you can count on effective and comfortable root canal therapy in our Houston, TX dental office. We use modern rotary instruments for more efficient root canals with higher success rates.

Rotary instruments are more precise than their older counterparts.

Nervous about Root Canal Treatment?

Many patients come to us in pain and feel nervous about having ...

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5 Tips for Self-Care Following Root Canal Treatment

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If you recently had a root canal, having questions is natural, especially if you aren’t quite feeling 100% yet. We are here to answer any questions you may have, including how to care for your root canal tooth after your procedure.

If you ever have questions, you are always welcome to call us directly.

#1 Don’t Stress about Some Sensitivity

After your procedure, your body will begin to heal, but you may experience some sensitivity for a few days after treatment. Once the infection is completely eliminated, your body’s immune system will work hard to heal and you should feel like yourself again within a week.

#2 Avoid Chewing on the Area ...

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What Exactly Is a Root Canal?

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You have probably heard the term “root canal” accompanied with a tone of dread or anxiety, but until you need one, you may not understand exactly what that means. A root canal actually refers to root canal therapy, a dental procedure designed to save an infected tooth and restore your comfort.

Root canals do not have to be painful. We offer comfortable root canals at our Bear Creek Houston dental office designed to prolong the life of your tooth and to protect your smile.

Root Canals Defined

An infection can develop anywhere – in a cut, burn, or even in your tooth. Infections occur due to trauma, damage, or a compromised immune ...

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3 Reasons You Might Need a Root Canal

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Most patients would like to avoid root canal therapy, whenever possible. This treatment, however, allows us to save teeth that would otherwise require an extraction, making it one of the most important services we can offer to our patients. 

When we perform root canal therapy in our Houston, TX dental office, our dentists do so comfortably and effectively, leaving you with nothing to fear when it comes to having a root canal.

When Root Canals May Be Necessary

  1. You Have an Infection Inside Your Tooth: Developing an infection inside your tooth can create inflammation and pain. Your tooth may also hurt when you bite down. A root canal removes all of the ...

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