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New Research Sets the Stage for Stronger Teeth, Longer Lasting Fillings

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Solutions sometimes appear in the most unexpected places. A recent study reveals that pine tree root extract has some significant benefits when it comes to dental fillings and their longevity. When we provide patients with fillings in our Houston, TX dental office, we opt for tooth-colored fillings that look and feel natural as well.

Here is the story:

A study published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry revealed that the root from the Chinese red pine called, Pinus massoniana, strengthens the dentin inside the tooth, just beneath the enamel. Dentin is far softer than the protective enamel covering the teeth, and when fillings are applied to this unstable portion of the ...

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3 Ways Dental Bonding Improves Your Smile

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Dental bonding is a noninvasive way to improve the appearance of your teeth, but many patients forget that this treatment option is available with all of the talk about dental crowns and veneers. At Bear Creek Dentistry & Orthodontics, we provide all restorative dentistry options in our Houston, TX dental office and help our patients make the best choice for themselves.

Here Are 3 Ways We Use Dental Bonding to Improve Smiles

#1 To Fill Chipped Teeth

Small chips may not require a dental crown or veneer, but the loss of enamel can lead to stains and worn looking teeth. Dental bonding, which we match to your natural tooth color seal ...

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What Are My Restorative Options?

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The goal of any dental restoration is to protect and preserve the life of your tooth. With so many options, how will you know which dental restoration is right for you? At Bear Creek Dentistry & Orthodontics, our experienced dentists will go over each of your options, so you can make an educated choice.

Most dental restorations are condition-specific, meaning they fulfill a particular need that arises when your tooth becomes decayed, infected, or damaged due to trauma. In most cases, dental restorations are not interchangeable, though some overlap of purpose can occur.

Types of Dental Restorations

Here is a list of some of the most common dental restorations and their functions.


Dental ...

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